// an open space developer unconference

Register! Come talk with us about software engineering, coding, naming, process management... you name it, really.

Open space?

We think that the most interesting things at conferences happen during the coffee breaks - so why not organize a coffee-break event?

To tell you the truth, we won't do this. We like caffeine but we like discussion more. That's why we're organizing FooBarCamp - a purely open space dev conference.

FooBarCamp is about exchanging ideas, not presentations. Even if you submit a topic, it doesn't mean that you have to know a lot about it. It just means that you are interested in discussing it with other people. To learn more about the open space formula, check out this introductory video by Bruce Eckel.

Got a topic in mind? Write a few sentences about it and send them to us.
You'll be featured on our agenda page and get a discount! Isn't that awesome?

So, when is it?

December 7, 2012. From 9.00 to 17.00.
Oh, and by the way: we're also organising the Global Day of Coderetreat a day later.

...and where?

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Ośrodek Hotelowy Optima
Malborska 65
30-646 Kraków




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