// an open space developer unconference

Register! Come talk with us about software engineering, coding, naming, process management... you name it, really.


We really, really would like you to speak about your passions. Capybaras, coffee, mining industry - feel free to choose!

It's easy to enter FooBarCamp. The "Brave Soul" fee (i.e. for those that will propose a topic) is just 50zł!

However, in order to make up for their courage, a slightly bigger, 75zł fee is for those who won't submit any discussion ideas.

And the submission form? Check our examples page for encouragement.

We wish to collect and publish your ideas before FooBarcamp starts so everyone can see what's in the menu, but the agenda will not be closed until the end of the conference. After all, FooBarCamp is a conference to talk about what you want.

This conference is brought to you by Wawel Hill and SCKRK.