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Register! Come talk with us about software engineering, coding, naming, process management... you name it, really.

The Conference

FooBarCamp is a one day conference that will take place on the 7th of December 2012 in Kraków and is directed towards experienced, local software developers. We expect about 60 attendees with varying backgrounds - but mostly Java, C#, Ruby and Python developers.

Most of the conference will be held in Open Space format, which is optimized towards free exchange of experiences and ideas through discussion. In addition we plan to begin with a small number of short presentations to give the attendees more topics to talk about.

The Organizers

FooBarCamp is organized by Wawel Hill sp. z o.o. in cooperation with Software Craftsmanship Kraków group (SCKRK). Wawel Hill has previously organized a number of conferences in Kraków, including three editions of Agile Central Europe, EuRuKo, TEDxKrakow, and FrontRow. Three times since 2011 SCKRK and Wawel Hill have organized Coderetreat workshops for developers that received very positive feedback from attendees and were booked solid within hours of starting the registration.

Sponsorship offer

We are looking for sponsors for our conference:

Bronze Sponsors - over 500 PLN

Silver Sponsors - over 1000 PLN

Gold Sponsors - over 2000 PLN

Contact information

Companies interested in sponsoring FooBarCamp are asked to contact paul@wawelhill.com

Sponsor data required: